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Accounting Template FAQs

Generating the Three Financial Statements

After installing the integrated or simplified version of the accounting template, the three financial statements for each respective version will be installed under the "Reports" tab.

Please do not delete any financial statements to avoid disrupting the functionality.

Adding Account Titles

You can add account titles following the naming rule. Choose system-default options for the first, second, and third account grades. For the fourth grade, you can name it yourself, but it must be "Account Code - Account Name." Please do not delete or modify any default account titles to avoid affecting the operation of reports.

Opening Entries and Establishing Initial Balances

To opening entries, you can include the opening balances for the account titles you need within a journal entry record, during the initial setup or at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Managing Data for Multiple Branches

If you want to use the accounting template to simultaneously manage the data of multiple branches, you can add a selection field called "Branch" to the "Journal Entry Sheet".

When adding journal entry record, also remember to select the corresponding branch.

Navigate to the "Voucher Detail", and use Link Fields From Parent Sheets to add the previously created "Branch" field.

Also, in the "Voucher Detail", add the configuration for filtering each branch as shared views.

Finally, when generating the three financial statements, you can choose which branch to analyze in the upper right corner.

If no filters are applied, it means that reports will be generated from all records.

Automatic Generating Journal Entry

Currently, there is no support for automatic generating journal entry, so it will be necessary to manually create records. We do plan to launch this feature, but an exact schedule cannot be provided at this point.

Generating Monthly Reconciliation Statements for Clients

To generate a monthly reconciliation statement for a specific customer, you can filter the records in the "Product Invoice". Specify the "Customer Name," the "Due Date" of the month, the "Payment Status" as "No" as conditions. The data retrieved will then represent the reconciliation statement for that customer for the specified month.

Does It Comply with IFRS Accounting Principles

The rule for the three financial statements in the template adheres to IFRS principles. However, the data source is the "Journal Entry", it is essential that your company's accounting entries also adhere to IFRS principles.

Does It Support Fifth Grade in Account Titles

Currently, the template supports only up to fourth grade account titles. If you need fifth grade titles, please contact Ragic support to remove the restrictions on the "Account Titles" for the "Code" field. This will allow you to remove the formulas and validation on that field, enabling you to freely input different account codes.

Please evaluate whether this meets your requirements.

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