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How to upgrade the accounting template from 3rd grade to 4th grade?

Our accounting template now supports 4th grade! For users who have installed the old template, please follow the steps below to upgrade:

Step 1. Access the Install Template to renew


1. If you see the "Get" button instead of the "Update" button in the above window, it means you haven't installed the template before. You'll have the latest versions of sheet design and accounting reports by clicking the "Get" button.

2. When clicking the "Renew" button, the system will revert your customization on the account template to default. In this case, please evaluate if you need to upgrade.

Step 2. Add a "Node" ID field on the "Account Titles" sheet

On the "Account Titles" sheet, add a "Node ID" auto-generate field with {Ragic_ID} format:

Save the design first and run Populate Empty Values to fill in values.

Step 3. Export all "Account Titles" entries

In the exported file, please move the "Node ID" field to the first column of your Excel. Then, input the corresponding "Fourth Grade" values. The format should be:

xxxx-account names

For example,

1111-Cash And Cash Equivalents


1. The step is for updating existing account titles. If you wish to add new ones, please add them from the "Account Titles" sheet directly.

2. Please make sure all "Fourth Grade" fields have values.

Step 4. Import the Excel file to "Account Titles" sheet

Please ensure the "Node ID" field locates in the first column of the Excel file. Otherwise, an error may occur. Besides, please check "Fill in default field values" and "Recalculate all formulas" in the "Import Policy" step:

Once imported, you'll be able to generate accounting reports with 4th grade account titles.

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